“better organized,” like a tropical storm

I’m excited to announce that I have 9 pieces from my motherhood series in a show currently up at the Center for Emerging Visual Artists here in Philly. The show is on view until 9/27.

‘“better organized,” like a tropical storm— curated by Sophia Marisa Lucas, Assistant Curator at the Queens Museum. “Taking its title from a short story by renowned American writer Lydia Davis, “better organized,” like a tropical storm brings together works that present a complex, disarming feminine power—both mysterious and sophisticated. Amy Wilson, Lydia Panas, and Maya Varadaraj depict women in palpable states of harnessed vulnerability and self-possession. Like a storm concentrating its efforts, each subject confronts the viewer with anticipatory energy.’

***ALSO*** I was recently selected as a finalist in CFEVA's fellowship program for 2019-2020. I'm looking forward to working with CFEVA on several projects throughout this year!

Horsey ride.jpg