Gregory Crewdson: Brief Encounters

I saw this a while back, but was just remembered to post some quotes I liked from it: 

Gregory Crewdson: 

"My pictures are about the search for a moment: the perfect moment, in a way.  Photography always has an association with trying to preserve a moment, you know. An attempt to hold onto something."

"[My photos pull from] the whole aesthetic tradition of looking for an intersection between everyday life and some sense of theatricality." 

"My pictures are a moment between moments."

"They're secrets. We all have secrets. People living with secrets and not happily so." 

These aren't really groundbreaking views on photography, I know. I just like how his thinking affirms my own and what I'm trying to do with my work.

I thought this documentary was well done. A great way to glimpse Crewdson's motivations and to see how intense his photo production is. I've never understood why other photographers don't seem to like him. I'm convinced it's just jealousy. He did seem to blow up out of nowhere around 2000. Suddenly his work was everywhere and cost big money. I guess there are others out there who have a problem with this kind of staged photography, too, which is ridiculous. There are many kinds of photography and one is not better than another. I think Crewdson's work is an important part of the conversation about photography as a whole.